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Exploration and Practice of Construction of Tutorship-oriented Entrepreneurship Space in University –Taking Xi’an Fanyi University as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2018.031


Jun Zheng, Goufang Kou

Corresponding Author

Jun Zheng


With innovation-driven development strategy implemented by government and urgent increasing demand for the promotion of efficiency upgraded in economy in recent years, as the main position to output top talents, colleges and universities are with primarily duty bound to shoulder the responsibilities for building innovation and entrepreneurship education system and fostering innovative spirit of faculty and students and cultivating their entrepreneurial skills; in order to create favorable atmosphere for innovation and entrepreneurship, colleges and universities have set up entrepreneurship and incubation parks for college students (Entrepreneurship Space) in succession, the paper takes construction and practice of Entrepreneurship Space of Xi’an Fanyi University as an example to elaborate the building of entrepreneurship education system as well as management, operation, faculty improvement and fundraising for Entrepreneurship Space to offer reference for similar local colleges and universities to carry out training on how to build tutorship-oriented entrepreneurship incubation parks.


Construction of entrepreneurship education system, Construction of entrepreneurship Space, Practice and exploration.