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Problems and Countermeasures of Sports Dance Course in Dance Colleges in Heilongjiang Province

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2018.030


Cong Yongzhu, Li Jingbo, Zhang Dacheng, and Ding Shiwei

Corresponding Author

Cong Yongzhu


Sports dance, which integrates sports and art as one, is a sports course with the fusion of two kinds of sports, which is entertaining. Therefore, the teaching method should be distinguished from the traditional sports. In recent years, sports dance has been popularized in colleges and universities, which has played a positive role in the growth of college students' physical and mental health, and has become an important course in strengthening physique and aesthetic education. However, there are many problems to be solved in the course of specific development. This paper focuses on the analysis of the problems and tries to find out the corresponding solutions to further improve the quality of the teaching of sports dance. Sports dance was introduced into China in the middle of the 80s of last century, and it has been popularized rapidly. After the middle of 90s, it has entered the college physical education class, which is very popular among college students. This paper, through the analysis of the value of sports dance to people's exercise, investigates the development of sports dance lessons in ordinary colleges and universities in Heilongjiang, including the students' attitude to the present situation of the teaching, the situation of the facilities, the status of the teachers, and the status of the organization and the school management, analyzes the factors that influence the development of sports dance in colleges and universities in Heilongjiang, and finds out the reform measures and development strategies suitable for college sports dance development.


Sports dance, The present situation of the course, Analysis.