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Research on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education for College Students in the Internet Era

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2018.026


Han Wei

Corresponding Author

Han Wei


It has become a trend for Chinese college students to respond to the national "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" strategy. However, in the Internet age, how to accomplish the education and training of talents through Internet thinking has become an urgent problem to be solved to innovate the professional teaching mode of colleges and universities with Internet thinking. And the rational planning of students' career planning plays an important role in the innovation and entrepreneurship education of college students. Through Internet thinking, a culture of campus characteristic entrepreneurship will be created to expand the way of innovation and entrepreneurship of college students under the Internet thinking, and establish the course model of Internet "tutor band". This paper analyzes the current situation of college students' innovation and entrepreneurship development, and explains the ways to cultivate college students' innovative entrepreneurial consciousness.


Internet era, Innovation and entrepreneurship education.