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The Construction of the Professional Teaching Model for Cultivating College Accounting Capability Based on the Internationalization of Accounting

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2018.021


Sun Limei

Corresponding Author

Sun Limei


With the rapid development of China's modern economy, accounting has gradually developed toward the internationalization direction, and China's accounting regulations and accounting practices have been pushed to a higher level and are in line with international standards. Faced with this situation, companies must cultivate more qualified international accounting personnel and adapt to the internationalization of accounting education. The accounting professional teaching in colleges and universities is the main place for cultivating accounting talents, and it is the key goal to complete the integration of accounting education with internationalization. However, at this stage, the traditional teaching pattern of the accounting professional teaching model still follows the traditional teaching model, paying too much attention to theoretical teaching and knowledge transfer, thus ignoring the cultivation of practice and capacity. As a result, students who graduate from accounting major lack the coping ability in the face of emergencies and do not meet the development needs of internationalization. In this regard, colleges and universities will change the teaching model of the accounting profession and create a new teaching mode to cultivate accounting skills.


Accounting internationalization, College accounting ability training, Professional teaching model.