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Study on the Role of Classical Literature in the Cultivation of College Students' Humanistic Quality

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2018.018


Su Jinling

Corresponding Author

Su Jinling


Humanistic quality is one of the important indicators to measure the comprehensive quality of college students. A qualified college student not only requires a solid professional quality, but also needs a good humanistic quality. At present, Chinese colleges and universities pay more and more attention to the cultivation of college students' humanistic quality, and enrich students' humanistic knowledge by carrying out practical activities of humanities courses. With the deepening of education quality, China has been attaching more and more importance to the teaching of classical literature. Through the teaching of classic literature works, a healthy personality of students can be built, which is the unity of truth, goodness and beauty, and the unity of reason, will and emotion. Based on the reading of classic literature works, this paper further analyses the role of classic literature works on the cultivation of contemporary college students' humanistic quality, discusses how to cultivate their reading habits, improve their reading ability, and play an active role in cultivating and improving college students' humanistic qualities.


Classical literature, Humanistic quality, Cultivation.