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Impact of the "Belt and Road" Initiative on Chinese Cultural Economy

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2018.007


Hong Wu

Corresponding Author

Hong Wu


The "Belt and Road" initiative offers a new opportunity to the development of Chinese culture industry, so China should take advantage of this opportunity and identify the strategic value dimension within the layout of "Belt and Road". This strategy has created a tremendous development space for the culture industry and plays an important role in improving the soft power of Chinese culture and its international influential power. Meanwhile, it is a key strategy to influence and optimize the order and layout of world economic and social development. Currently, Chinese cultural industry lies in a key period of transformation. With this strategy, it is necessary to facilitate quality of culture in domestic and enhance cooperation with culture abroad. Specifically, it includes cultivation of specialized cultural industry, perfection of cultural product system and building of cultural trade. The "Belt and Road" initiative is made with comprehensive consideration of the domestic and abroad situation. The rooted problem faced by it is not about politics and economy, but civilization. It covers 63% global area and about 4.4 billion populations. The heterogeneity of culture offers tremendous tensile force for the prospect of cooperation and great challenge.


“Belt and Road” Initiative, Chinese culture economy, Impact.