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The Present Situation and Teaching Reform of Art Design Specialty

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2018.004


Hong Li

Corresponding Author

Hong Li


The teaching reform of art design is the need of the development of the times. The teaching reform of art design specialty must proceed from the reality of art design and strengthen the operation skill based on theory teaching, practice other main practice links, get rid of the old ideas of design education, copy the present situation, and perfect the purpose of professional teaching and the practicability of professional course teaching. Under the background of deepening the education and teaching reform, some educators of art and design have neglected the teaching reform of the basic theory course of art design in the course of teaching reform, and still use the inherent teaching method to carry on the teaching. Basic theory and professional theory, and professional practice are disjointed, lacking coherence and progressiveness.


Teaching reform of art, Design practice teaching, Reform of basic theory of art design.