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Research on Teaching Reform of "Management" in Higher Vocational Education Based on Action Orientation

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2018.003


Yaoyan Wang

Corresponding Author

Yaoyan Wang


Action-oriented teaching is the rise of an advanced teaching method in the 1980s in Germany, which is now applied to the world's vocational education reform. Action-oriented teaching method is practical and interactive teaching method between teachers and students. This method is closely integrated with the "Management" course of higher vocational education, which can arouse the enthusiasm of students, and can also solve the problems in the process of practice, as a course of parallel development of learning and employment, to help students improve their career development plan and train students to apply professional competence. Based on this, this paper explores the relevant content of action-oriented teaching methods applied to higher vocational "management" course teaching reform.


Action - oriented, Higher vocational "management" course, Teaching reform.