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Research on the Application of Formative Evaluation in College English Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/aepss.2017.063


Tian Long

Corresponding Author

Tian Long


Teaching evaluation is mainly based on the teaching objectives of the teaching process and the results of the judge, and adjust the teaching strategy based on the evaluation results, which is essentially the value of teaching activities to determine the teaching activities and achieve the goal of teaching judgments, it can be seen, teaching evaluation is the important part of the whole classroom teaching process, its main significance is to detect the students' learning situation and lack of evaluation of teaching strategies to achieve the desired effect of teaching, so as to improve the teaching effect. Compared with the traditional end evaluation, formative evaluation is more focused on the evaluation of student learning process to increase the ability of students’ self-learning. The article mainly discusses the application of formative evaluation in college English teaching.


College English, Classroom Teaching, Formative Evaluation.