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Research on Agricultural Production Changes in Dianchi Lake Basin under Abnormal State

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DOI: 10.25236/busem.2018.117


Tiyuan Xia, Song Jin, Zuoxin Tang, Yuan Su, Zebin Chen

Corresponding Author

Zebin Chen


A period of abnormal state has changed the agricultural production and agricultural non-point source pollution condition in Dianchi Lake basin. How to control and prevent agricultural non-point source pollution under New Normal has become a popular topic. This paper makes a systematic investigation on agricultural production in Dianchi Lake basin from 2000 to 2014. The results show that agricultural acreage in the basin has shrunk substantially and become fragments. Sown area and crop output have also shrunk sharply. Agricultural means of production input was uneven. Crop farming layout in the basin has changed a lot. Although the number of livestock on hand at the end of the year has reduced sharply, output of livestock products has kept increasing. The paper also discusses major problems in the governance of agricultural non-point source pollution in Dianchi Lake basin. The overall governance idea was narrow and limited; pollution control was one-sided. The space for agricultural development in Dianchi Lake basin has shrunk and become fragments. The source of water diversion should be governed; the area of pollution treatment should be expand. Standards for the emission of agricultural pollution were not formulated. Investment on point source pollution control was not enough; the control methods were not efficient. Suggestions are provided accordingly.


Dianchi Lake basin, Agricultural production, Non-point source pollution, Problems, Solutions.