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Research on Innovation Practice of Family Enterprises under the Background of Internet Economy

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DOI: 10.25236/busem.2018.116


Li Fan

Corresponding Author

Li Fan


After three decades of reform and opening-up, family businesses have increasingly become an important part of the national economy. However, as a generation of entrepreneurs gradually grows older, the advent of the “Internet+” era has brought tremendous challenges to family businesses. To achieve the succession of leaders, conform to the development of the times, change management ideas, and adapt to the development of modern society, has become a major issue facing family businesses today. How to deal with the subject calmly and rationally not only requires the use of a modern knowledge theory system to pay attention to the external institutional environment and management methods, but also requires a deep understanding of China's family ties, ethics and traditions, and the maintenance of family harmony and stability, which is a test of human wisdom and the focus we need to understand and focus on.


Innovation practice, Family enterprises, Internet economy.