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Cost Budget and Cost Control Analysis of New Green Building Projects

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DOI: 10.25236/busem.2018.115


Keshu Wan

Corresponding Author

Keshu Wan


With the development of green building ecology, the use of new green building materials has become a cutting-edge architectural means. But different green environmental protection materials have special properties of cost. Therefore, this paper puts forward the analysis method of the impact of new green building materials on the cost management of construction projects. The green building residential area project controls the incremental construction through optimized design. The goal of low building operation energy consumption under ideal condition is achieved with low construction cost increment. Under the premise of ensuring good living comfort, the resources and energy consumption in the whole life cycle of the building are reduced, and the short-term recovery of the green building cost increment is realized. The box cover method is used to solve the cost distribution probability, and the cost is quantified. The special properties of building materials are described effectively, and the utilization of new green environmental protection building materials is studied combined with the cost analysis results. The actual situation of different ecological landscape space planning in different cost areas is described. The influence of the cost of different building materials is reflected, thus obtaining the binding influence relationship between building materials and cost.


green building, cost of engineering, cost control