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Research on E-commerce Response Characteristics of New Type of Agricultural Management Subjects

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DOI: 10.25236/busem.2018.102


Xian Zhang, Jie Liu, Jiping Peng , Yanwei Wang, Minhui Liu

Corresponding Author

Jie Liu


With the development of informatization, e-commerce has brought new opportunities to new types of agricultural management entities and brought new challenges. This paper investigates the understanding of e-commerce providers, the willingness of demand, demand services, and demand realization methods from the perspective of the new type of agricultural business entities, and analyzes the current response status of new-type agricultural management entities to e-commerce. On this basis, this paper chooses probit regression model to analyze the profit characteristics of the new type of agricultural business entities. Regression analysis found that among the factors affecting the profitability of the new type of agricultural business entity e-commerce, electricity merchants and agricultural product brands have a significant impact; the processed agricultural products have a certain impact; the scale of enterprises and infrastructure have less impact. According to the investigation and regression analysis, this paper puts forward the countermeasures and suggestions for strengthening the development of electric merchants, building brands of agricultural products, and promoting the development of agricultural product processing enterprises.


E-commerce, Response characteristics, New type agricultural management subjects.