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Research on Macro Influencing Factors of Energy Intellectual Property in China: Analysis Based on Dynamic Panel Data Model

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DOI: 10.25236/busem.2018.100


Lingyao Pan

Corresponding Author

Lingyao Pan


At present, the contradiction between the supply and demand of China's energy industry is still relatively prominent. Energy intellectual property can reflect China's energy technology innovation capability. This paper constructs an econometric model to empirically analyze the macro factors that affect China's energy intellectual property. The empirical results show that there is a panel co-integration relationship between openness, barriers to industry entry, and energy technology innovation. There is no panel co-integration relationship between industrial competitiveness and energy technology innovation, but there is a co-integration relationship between the openness, barriers to industry entry, markets the degree of competition and the application of technological innovation; overall, the degree of openness to the outside world can promote the innovation and application of energy technologies in China, and the reduction of barriers to entry in the industry will play a role in energy technology innovation, but its role is greater for the application of energy technologies, the reduction in market competition does not have a significant effect on energy technology innovation, but it has a significant impact on the application of energy technology innovation.


Energy intellectual property, Macro influencing factors, Panel co-integration, Dynamic panel model.