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Research on the Industrial Integration of the Tourism Industry in Xi’an from the Panoramic View

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DOI: 10.25236/busem.2018.099


Jian Xin

Corresponding Author

Jian Xin


In order to make an overall developmental planning for taking advantage of tourist resources and promote the development of the tourism industry of Xi’an, it is necessary to research the industrial integration model of Xi’an from the panoramic view, and to integrate the cultural tourism, the sports tourism, the agricultural tourism, and the other industries systematically such as agriculture industry, primary industry, financial industry, information industry; it is also necessary to make a perfect macro adjusting and controlling planning of the tourism industry in Xi’an so as to promote the tourism industry in future. According to relevant documents, this paper researches the industrial integration model of tourism so as to solve some problems in the development of Xi’an tourism industry.


Panoramic view, Xi’an tourism, Industrial integration.