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The Status and Influence of Bi-lateral Exchanges between Xinjiang and Pakistan

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DOI: 10.25236/busem.2018.090


Li Jingfeng

Corresponding Author

Li Jingfeng


This paper explores the three aspects of the history, the status quo, and influence of the opening of China's Xinjiang to Pakistan, and conducts historical and theoretical reflections on the contemporary history and future development of China’s Xinjiang and Pakistan’s bi-lateral contacts. At the same time, some countermeasures are taken based on the impact on southern Xinjiang. The paper believes that when Xinjiang in China is opened to Pakistan, the big country’s gaming area can be bypassed and bilateral cooperation is used to open up a way to sea from western China. On the other hand, the opening can consolidate the regional security of Western China, and build “an important security barrier in the northwest”, which not only expands new developments and space, but also avoids direct conflicts with other countries.


Xinjiang, Pakistan, CPEC, Economy.