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Research on Marketing Strategy of WeChat in The New Media Era

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DOI: 10.25236/busem.2018.083


Xu Zhu

Corresponding Author

Xu Zhu


Nowadays, the media environment is gradually changing with the development of the economy. The emergence of new media based on network media has undoubtedly innovated the communication mode of media. In the era of new media, many traditional enterprises transit from informatization to the mode of Internet. Tencent's WeChat platform owns hundreds of millions of users. Its huge number of users and powerful marketing functions have attracted many enterprises and businessmen. WeChat has become one of the hottest social platforms, which fully integrates the virtual social networking with real social networking. This paper mainly expounds the characteristics of WeChat marketing and the problems existing in the application of WeChat marketing in the new media era, so as to put forward corresponding marketing strategies.


New media, WeChat, Marketing strategy.