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Study on British Creative Industry and Its Effects

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DOI: 10.25236/busem.2018.081


Wang Hui

Corresponding Author

Wang Hui


British people first proposed the concept of "Creative Industry" in the world, and it was also the first country in the world to promote the development of creative industries. Creative industry contributed more to the UK's GDP than financial services. This paper analyzes the British creative industry mainly in aspect of its achievements, reasons, advantages and disadvantages and effects by taking Manchester as an example to further explain the accomplishments which England has achieved, aiming to help people better understand the potential of developing creative industry. Traditionally, Englishmen are regarded as a group of conservative and stubborn people, who are unwilling to change and accept new things. However, England was the first country to put up a clear definition of creative industry and made it a real success. Because of the recession of the manufacturing industry, creative industry has an opportunity to develop and shoulder the responsibility of the optimum industrial structure. Along with the government‘s support and its unique combination of strength in media, culture and education which enable it to create trends and transmit its influence. Nowadays British creative industry has became second-to–none in the world. In terms of employment and output, the importance of creative industry has exceeded its financial industry, which has been providing directly or indirectly nearly half jobs for UK and generating over a staggering £8 million pounds an hour. Up to now, creative industry has become one of the main motivations for the growth of the British economy. Although creative industry in England still has some problems, it is still a huge successful history, generating lots of fortune and job opportunities for the British economy, and helping Manchester perfectly adopt its industrial structure. At present, Manchester is the distribution center of the creative industry in northeast, possessing well-established universities, culture and media institutions to drive the booming of the local creative economy. The success of Manchester is the epitome of British creative industry. Just as Francis Bacon said “knowledge is power”. Nowadays, the correctness of this well-known saying is proved by the success of creative industry.


Creative Industry, British, Manchester, Effect.