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A Rational Judge for Disruptive Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/busem.2018.072


Cheng Baihua, GaoLiang

Corresponding Author

Cheng Baihua


The concept of disruptive technology can be analyzed from three perspectives: ontology, epistemology, methodology. In terms of ontology, this concept is composed of three parts, ‘technology A’, the subject, ‘technology B’, the object, and the comparative conclusion ‘disruptive’. In the same subjective and objective context, when technology A is compared to technology B, its function reaches a maximum value, so that the function of technology B is equivalent to 0, it can be determined that technology A is disruptive. The dimensions of this comparison can be time or space. In terms of epistemology, judging whether a technique is disruptive can follow the principles below: maxima and minima of time, maxima and minima of space, and maxima and minima of material properties. In terms of methodology, it is necessary to correctly identify disruptive technology and support it, correctly handle the relationship between sustaining technology and disruptive technology, as well as incremental innovation and disruptive innovation, to prevent technical disparity and technical dead ends.


Disruptive technology, Concept, rationality, Comparison.