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Reflections on the Financial Performance of Asset-Light Enterprises' Capital Operation

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DOI: 10.25236/busem.2018.069


Yu Qiuli

Corresponding Author

Yu Qiuli


At present, traditional production and processing companies in China usually make profit by price competition or scale, brand effect, etc. However, in the development of transformation and upgrading, the enterprises will have a small advantage to make profit in this form and will face some hindrance. Therefore, how to get stronger profitability becomes an urgent problem for enterprises to solve. The asset-light management mode can bring a lot of profitability for the enterprise, which will create more value for the development of the enterprise. This paper discusses the financial performance of asset-light enterprises' capital operation from the aspects of capital operation status, role, existing problems and improvement countermeasures of asset-light enterprises so as to contribute to the healthy development of the company.


Asset-light listed companies, Capital operation, Financial performance.