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Quality Problems and Quality Control of the Protective Equipment in Air Defense Projects

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DOI: 10.25236/busem.2018.064


Gao Qian

Corresponding Author

Gao Qian


Building protective air defense units in garages of civil buildings and in metros is a trend nowadays. In this mode, people get effectively hided and protected when air strike happens. At every important entrance and exit of an air defense project, protective equipment and facilities must be installed, because these areas are the weak points of the project under the air strike. Therefore, quality of the equipment is very important. Under this background, the research group made a survey of several air defense projects and the equipment of them in Chongqing China. It shows according to the survey results, that quality problems occur mostly during the production and installation process. Solutions to these quality problems are discussed and suggested in this paper.


Air defense project, Protective equipment, Quality problems, Quality control.