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Study on the Role of Engineering Technicians in Coal Mine Safety Production Management

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DOI: 10.25236/busem.2018.062


Xiaojiang Li

Corresponding Author

Xiaojiang Li


At this stage, along with the continuous and rapid advancement of China’s modernization work, and the increasing expansion of the demand for coal mine resources by the people’s production and living, local governments have increased their exploitation of coal mine resources, aiming at industrial production and the general public. The normal life provides adequate energy support. At the same time, however, the frequent occurrence of various types of coal mine safety accidents all over the country has also constrained the progress of China’s modernization to some extent. In this context, the value of the work performed by engineering and technical personnel has become increasingly prominent and has become one of the important factors that affect the safety of coal mine production. Based on this, this paper is based on the development of China's coal industry, discusses the specific application of engineering technicians in the process of safety production management, and hopes that the theoretical study can be helpful to the actual work.


Coal mine safety production, Engineering and technical personnel, Existing problems, Optimization strategy.