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Attempting Discussion on Reference and Realization Framework of Intelligent Service Type Digitized Campus Construction

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DOI: 10.25236/busem.2018.060


Qin Gong, Zou Li, Li Jinfeng

Corresponding Author

Qin Gong


With the wide application of information technologies such as big data and cloud computing as well as implementation of campus informatization strategy, the informatization construction in universities of our country has entered a new development stage. In order to satisfy the teaching demands of universities in scientific research, the universities have invested a large number of capital to perfect the campus informatization systems and established relatively perfect basic information application system as well as campus platforms, which, however, can not satisfy the demands of teachers and students in actual application. This paper mainly analyzes the current development situation of smart campus, comprehensive information platform contents of campus and overall framework of intelligent service type digitized campus construction thus to provide reference for intelligent service type campus construction.


Intelligent service type, Digitized campus construction.