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Study on Videogame Industry and Its General Developing Trend

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DOI: 10.25236/busem.2018.057


Jingjing Che

Corresponding Author

Jingjing Che


Sports are no longer limited by the real world, for the E-sports now is widely recognized as an information platform-based sport. National Sports Bureau formally launched it as the 99th sports in 2003. Under the advanced information technology and growing popularity, e-sports industry are constantly developing and expanding, full of potentials and opportunities. Macro industrial policy and specific regulations show supporting trends, which greatly promotes the development of e-sports. Based on the analysis of videogame’s economic scale, Asia dominates games business with the highest share of games market. E-sports should demonstrate its sports spirit, teamwork, and ability to cultivate thinking, etc. In order to get public support, government involvements and regulations are needed to improve the social environment of e-sports and standardize the game movement. In addition, government is vital to manage the game industry to eliminate illegal operations and institutions in organizing events. Media also plays an important role in guiding public to correctly recognize e-sports so that more professional players can fully devote themselves into this new sports and more companies can spot the economic benefits in e-sports.


Videogame industry, Developing trend, E-sports.