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Research on Tourism Product Design Based on Tourist Experience

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DOI: 10.25236/busem.2018.049


Zheng Yao

Corresponding Author

Zheng Yao


With the continuous improvement of the social and economic level in our country, the tourism industry has been unprecedentedly promoted under the influence of the economic development. In the process of tourism activities, most tourists, in order to meet their spiritual needs, have become more and more interested in being able to participate in the design of tourism products or to have a more realistic experience of tourism, and have been actively involved in it. However, in terms of its actual development, our country is still in the primary stage of development in the design of experiential tourism products which has a large space for development. But, due to insufficient experience, there are still many problems in its development, which has a certain impact on the development of the tourism industry in China. Therefore, this paper mainly makes in-depth analysis of the problems in the tourism product design based on the tourist experience, so as to provide more help for the development of tourism product design based on tourist experience.


Tourist Experience, Tourism Products, Product Design.