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Research on New Rural Construction Based on Financial Reform

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DOI: 10.25236/busem.2018.046


Ting Pan

Corresponding Author

Ting Pan


Finance is the core of the modern economy, while rural finance is the lifeblood of building a new socialist countryside. The construction of a new socialist countryside in China needs the support of rural finance. The construction of a sound new rural financial system can promote the rapid and stable development of the rural economy, and new rural construction can also be carried out more smoothly. However, due to the constraints of current rural financial market supply, institutional defects, and environmental constraints, there are many difficulties in the existing financial services system to support the construction of new rural areas. In response to these difficulties, this paper studies the issue of building a rural financial system to serve the construction of new rural areas in the context of economic transformation, and puts forward targeted policy recommendations.


New Rural Construction, Financial Reform.