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Research on Models, Innovation and Development Paths of Liaoning Tourism Group

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DOI: 10.25236/busem.2018.036


Jinghui Qu

Corresponding Author

Jinghui Qu


In recent years, the reform of the supply side of Liaoning's tourism industry has gradually begun, many cities have successively established tourism group companies, and other areas that do not have tourism group companies are actively promoting. The development of tourism groups has become a necessary way to expand the scale of operation of tourism companies, lengthen the industrial chain and form economies of scale. In view of the establishment process of Liaoning Tourism Group, according to the actual differences in tourism resources and tourism development in each city, this paper believes that the establishment model of Liaoning tourism groups cannot be stereotyped, and according to the principle of differentiation, the tourism group model that suits the development needs of the city should be selected, and proposes the establishment model and development path of Liaoning Tourism Group.


Models, Innovation, Development paths, Liaoning Tourism Group.