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The Cultivation of Students’ Interest in Learning for Primary School English Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/aepss.2017.054


Zhang Yao

Corresponding Author

Zhang Yao


Primary school English is the enlightenment education of students' English. It is a very important lesson for students. Cultivating pupils' interest in learning English can not only improve the efficiency of primary school English teaching, but also lay a solid foundation for students to learn English in the future. Therefore, in the primary school English teaching, teachers should cultivate students' interest in English learning purpose, motivate students to actively participate in teaching activities, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the students, so that students learn in blending music. Based on the analysis and Research on the disadvantages of English Teaching in primary schools, this paper discusses some strategies to help students develop their interest in English learning.


Primary School English, Learning Interest, Training Interest.