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Study on the Brand Construction of Regional Agricultural Products

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DOI: 10.25236/busem.2018.029


Guanzhu Wang

Corresponding Author

Guanzhu Wang


The branding of agricultural products is the inevitable result of the marketization, specialization and socialization of agricultural production. The agricultural product brand is the extension and application of the brand concept in agricultural products. It refers to the identification mark of the origin and quality of agricultural product operators and their products, represents the credibility of agricultural product operators and their commitment to consumers, and is the intangible asset of agricultural product operators, which is the bridge between agricultural product operators and consumers. Compared with the brands of industrial products and other service products, the main features of the agricultural product brands are agricultural products. The agricultural production process is carried out in a vast natural space. The influence of labor methods on product quality is difficult to monitor, and thus it is necessary to realize the agricultural industry and standardized production management. The agricultural product brands represent the advantages of natural resources. The creation of most agricultural product brands is often based on the original characteristics. The brand value of agricultural products is greatly affected by original technology. The quality and efficiency determined by the level of science and technology have become the leading factor in enhancing the brand value of agricultural products.


Agricultural products, Brand construction, Development and application.