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Study on the Influence of Pig Farmers on the Optimization of the Distribution Structure of Pig Industry: A Survey and Analysis in Dujiangyan City

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DOI: 10.25236/busem.2018.028


Wen Mao, Xiumin Wu, Zhijing Zhao, Jiahao Zhu

Corresponding Author

Xiumin Wu


From the live pig industry development at home and abroad, the development policy guidance and the configuration structure is still in the process of constant optimization and adjustment, but periodic imbalances occur. This paper proposes that farmers have hindered the flow of various factors in the process of pig breeding, which objectively causes a large number of labor in the industry but a small number of technology and capital input, and makes it become a labor-intensive industry. This paper conducts in-depth analysis of impediments that rural farmers have had in the process of structural transformation and provides suggestions for its better development.


Labor, Allocation structure of pig industry, Dujiangyan.