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Study on the Relationship between Sino-British Trade and China's Economic Development

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DOI: 10.25236/busem.2018.024


Yi Jin

Corresponding Author

Yi Jin


The United Kingdom is a major country in the world economy and trade, and an important member of the European Union. The development of the British economy not only affects the European Union, but also has a major impact on the world economy. The economic and trade relations between China and Britain are prominent with a long history of trade development. The background, trade status, and trade development of each development stage show great differences. At the same time, the different stages of Sino-British trade development have also shown different features in the impact of economic development in China and the United Kingdom. Both China and the United Kingdom, as major economies and traders in the world, should further promote trade development between the two countries and promote the development of China’s economy with the healthy development of Sino-British trade.


China and British, Economic development, Relationship study.