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Preliminary study on breeding and tissue culture technology of excellent varieties of Leonurus japonicus

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DOI: 10.25236/icmmct.2024.041


Chen Xiaoru

Corresponding Author

Chen Xiaoru


The purpose of this study is to explore the preliminary research results of excellent varieties breeding and tissue culture technology of Leonurus japonicus. Through long-term breeding, we have successfully cultivated excellent varieties of Leonurus japonicus with high yield, high stress resistance and high content of effective components. The combination of traditional breeding methods with in-depth investigation and screening of germplasm resources provides a solid foundation for the cultivation of new varieties. At the same time, the application of tissue culture technology provides a new way for the improvement of Leonurus japonicus. The rapid propagation and directional improvement of some characters of Leonurus japonicus were realized by modern biotechnology. However, in the promotion of tissue culture technology, we are faced with problems such as genetic stability and growth regulation, which need further research and optimization. On the whole, this study provides the foundation and support for the development of Leonurus japonicus industry, and has important guiding significance for the comprehensive optimization and utilization of Leonurus japonicus. Future research directions include in-depth study of the mechanism of tissue culture technology, deep-seated problems of genetic improvement, and detailed analysis of the secondary metabolites of Leonurus japonicus, aiming at achieving more efficient variety improvement and providing scientific support for the sustainable development of Leonurus japonicus industry.


Leonurus japonicus; breeding; tissue culture