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Advanced Technology Based VOCs Management Plan for Oil Terminal

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DOI: 10.25236/icmmct.2024.032


Huan Peng, Zhiyao Huang

Corresponding Author

Zhiyao Huang


With the rapid development of industrialization, the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emission from the oil terminal, as an important energy transfer hub, has become increasingly prominent. VOCs not only pollute the environment, but also pose a threat to human health. Therefore, the treatment of VOCs in oil terminals is particularly important. According to the actual situation of VOCs emission from oil terminal, this paper puts forward a set of treatment scheme based on advanced technology. The scheme comprehensively uses various technical measures such as source emission reduction, process control and terminal treatment, aiming at effectively reducing VOCs emissions from oil terminals and improving ambient air quality. Through the implementation of this scheme, it is expected to achieve significant emission reduction effect and provide strong support for the green and sustainable development of oil terminals.


Industrialization; Energy; Oil terminal; Emission reduction; VOCs governance scheme