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Research on Search Algorithm in Computer Security Monitoring System

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DOI: 10.25236/icmmct.2024.031


Yutao Ou, Jing Huang

Corresponding Author

Jing Huang


With the rapid development of information technology, the problem of computer network security has become increasingly prominent, and the security monitoring system, as one of the important means to ensure network security, has been widely concerned. As one of the core components of security monitoring system, search algorithm plays a vital role in finding and responding to various network threats in time. The purpose of this study is to explore and study the search algorithm in Computer Security Monitoring System (CSMS), and put forward an improved method based on optimization algorithm to improve the detection accuracy and response speed of CSMS. In order to solve the problems and challenges existing in the search algorithm, this paper proposes an improved algorithm named Genetic Search Algorithm(GSA), and designs the corresponding algorithm framework and optimization method. Through the optimization design and practical application of search algorithm, the paper verifies the effectiveness and practicability of GSA in case analysis and application practice. By constantly optimizing and improving the search algorithm, we can improve the recognition and response ability of the security monitoring system to network threats, and provide strong support and guarantee for ensuring network security.


Search Algorithm; Computer Security Monitoring System; Genetic Search Algorithm