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Dynamic Trust Evaluation Model for Zero-trust Network of Power Monitoring System

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DOI: 10.25236/icmmct.2024.030


Zhuo Lv, Cen Chen, Nuannuan Li, Zheng Zhang, Jianhui Zhang

Corresponding Author

Zhuo Lv


Dynamic trust evaluation is the key technology of dynamic authorization in zero-trust network of power monitoring system. However, the existing methods rarely consider the characteristics of zero trust network and services, or cannot adapt to large-scale network. In this paper, we abstracts various characteristics into inference rule sets, propose a dynamic trust evaluation model based on Beta distribution, and propose a time-related trust threshold calculation method, which can well serve the dynamic access control authorization depending on real-time trust level of entities. Simulation results show that the model can accurately evaluate the trust of entity and effectively detect malicious entities.


zero trust; dynamic authorization; trust evaluation; dynamic evaluation; beta distribution