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Construction and Solution of Multi-category Joint Replenishment and Pricing Optimization Model of Vegetable Products Based on Multi-objective Genetic Algorithms

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DOI: 10.25236/icmmct.2024.023


Zixuan Dang, Rui Deng, Ding Zhang

Corresponding Author

Zixuan Dang


With the increasing competition in the fresh market, reasonable replenishment and pricing strategies have become crucial for the operation of supermarkets. Adhering to the market demand-driven business ideas, we must develop suggestions to better meet consumer needs for vegetable products, supplements, and pricing. Based on the dynamic development of vegetable product sales, the replenishment and price optimization models are built according to the internal logic of sales volume, costs, and revenue, which can explain methods such as the Monte Carlo method, 0-1 integer programming model, least squares method and objective programming. Participatory optimization decision-making and cost-plus pricing cycle mechanisms create revenue maximization mechanisms. In addition, the possibility of moving towards high-quality development is explored from the sensitivity analysis and practical deduction in replenishment and pricing strategies. Through replenishment and pricing strategies, we strive to provide consumers with vegetable products that meet expected standards and continuously improve product quality and consumer satisfaction. To this end, we take measures such as strengthening the replenishment control based on sales forecast, constructing the pricing mechanism of interaction and feedback between cost markup and sales volume, and establishing the system of income evaluation and optimization adjustment to realize the steady development of replenishment and pricing strategy, and finally promote the supermarket operation and meet the market demand.


Replenishment strategy; Pricing strategy; Optimization model; Vegetable products