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Analysis of the Comprehensive Utilization Efficiency of Secondary Resources of New Rare Earth Materials Based on Regeneration Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/icmmct.2024.021


Xiyao Wang

Corresponding Author

Xiyao Wang


New rare earth materials are high-end, with crucial strategic value and broad application prospects. However, a large amount of rare earth waste will be produced in production and use, resulting in a waste of resources and environmental pollution. This paper proposes a rare earth recovery model based on regeneration technology to realize the comprehensive utilization of secondary resources of new rare earth materials, and the efficiency and benefit of rare earth recovery are optimized. First, we analyze the task description and structure of the traditional rare earth recovery model. Second, the multi-objective optimization and the fuzzy function substitution optimization are introduced, and the improved rare earth recovery model structure is designed. Third, this article introduces the principles and methods of regeneration technology, analyzes the main problems and challenges, and establishes an effective optimization model and algorithm based on multi-objective optimization, fuzzy function, and improved bee algorithm. Finally, we summarize the main contents and conclusions of this paper and put forward the future research direction.


New rare earth materials; Secondary resources; Regeneration technology; Efficiency optimization