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The Prediction Model of Plant Population Dynamics in Semi-arid Regions: A Case Study in Inner Mongolia

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DOI: 10.25236/icmmct.2024.017


Anna Xie, Xi Hu, Yu Huang

Corresponding Author

Anna Xie


Different species of plants have different responses to environmental stresses such as irregular weather, pollution, and human activities. This paper studies plant species changes and atmospheric monitoring data in Xilin Gol grassland, Inner Mongolia, China, and establishes a model to predict plant population changes based on the internal growth of plant communities, species interactions, and external environmental influences. Pearson correlation analysis method was used to verify the model, and the results showed that the model operation results were highly correlated with the actual data. The study found that: 1. Increasing the diversity of community plant species can effectively weaken the impact of irregular weather; 2. The increase in the number of species will lead to an increase in community viability, and that all 12 species of plants are most beneficial to the growth of the community. However, as the number of species continues to increase, the growth rate of community viability will decrease. The prediction model is also applicable to areas susceptible to irregular weather and provides new ideas for studying plant community dynamics.


Number of plant species, semi-arid, degree of impact, prediction model