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Research on Multi-beam Lateral Line Deep-sea Exploration

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DOI: 10.25236/icmmct.2024.016


Pengcheng Zhu, Cheng Zhou, Wenyong Fu, Lingbo Kong

Corresponding Author

Lingbo Kong


This article mainly studies the issues of beam coverage and measurement efficiency of multi-beam detection in seafloor slopes, and conducts modeling and optimization work based on the sine theorem, trust region solution method, multiplicative factor, genetic algorithm and other methods. It is necessary to consider that the coverage width of multi-beam measurements in a given rectangular area changes with the angle between the direction of the survey line and the projection of the normal direction of the seafloor slope on the seafloor horizontal plane, and the overlap rate is considered by applying a multiplicative factor Impact. However, it is necessary to consider and compare the advantages and disadvantages of parallel and crossing paths, and finally use the parallel path method to obtain the measurement line combination method with the shortest measurement length that can completely cover the entire seabed area to be measured. Finally, we obtained the total survey line distance is 43.8665 nautical miles. A total of 10 survey line strips can completely cover the seabed area, and the distance between adjacent survey lines is 324.67.


Sine theorem, geometric relationship, trust region, multiplicative factor