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Research on the Application of Binary Search in Finding Faults in Railway Signal Lighting Circuits

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DOI: 10.25236/icmmct.2024.012


Yang Mingjing

Corresponding Author

Yang Mingjing


Railway signal is a basic equipment in rail transit. The railway signal should be able to correctly light up the corresponding color signal lights when arranging and opening routes, to ensure that the train can run safely and efficiently. Binary search is a fast-converging retrieval method, which can help signal maintenance workers to find the fault location more quickly when looking for faults in the railway signal lighting circuit. This paper uses MATLAB to simulate the basic principle of binary search, analyzes a red-green-yellow three-display railway signal lighting circuit loop, discusses the method of using binary search to find faults, and tests the convergence efficiency of binary search.


Binary search; Railway signal fault; Simulation test; Convergence efficiency