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The application of PLC technology in electrical automation control

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DOI: 10.25236/icmmct.2024.009


Liang Xue

Corresponding Author

Liang Xue


With the continuous development and progress of industrial automation technology, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), as a specialized digital control device, have been widely used in various industrial automation control systems. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the application status, advantages, specific applications, and development trends of PLC technology in the field of electrical automation control. It focuses on the application of PLC in drainage management. PLC can execute control strategies such as liquid level control and flow control based on operating signals such as liquid level and flow rate, and automatically control execution equipment such as pump stations, gates, and valves. The PLC control system consists of a host, I/O modules, human-machine interface, instruments, etc. It integrates with various devices through analog, switch interface, and bus. Write control programs to achieve functions such as data collection, control algorithms, execution control, and communication interaction. Research has shown that the application of PLC technology can significantly improve the automation level of drainage management.


programmable logic controller; PLC; Electrical automation control; Drainage management; Control system