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A Multi-functional Safety Helmet for Electric Bikes Based on Arduino

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DOI: 10.25236/icmmct.2024.002


Qiyun Wang

Corresponding Author

Qiyun Wang


In the multitude of roads, safety is paramount. Riding safety is the foremost consideration for us, as electric vehicles have become a widely used mode of transportation in our daily lives. When riding electric bikes or motorcycles, helmets serve as the sole protective safety device. However, the helmets available on the market currently only serve a cushioning function and lack any additional safety warning or protection devices. Therefore, developing a smart, safety-oriented electric bike helmet holds significant importance. This project uses current helmets as a baseline, undergoing comprehensive modifications and upgrades. Utilizing the Arduino board as the driving core and incorporating eco-friendly solar power supply, the helmet enhances safety features beyond basic protection. It introduces left and right collision warnings, turn-based pedestrian safety alerts, fall alarms,and a temperature-controlled mini fan to earnestly safeguard the life safety and comfort of rider and passenger.


Arduino; Electric bike helmet; Safety; Comfort