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Research on the Value Orientation of Economic Law under Market Economy System

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DOI: 10.25236/busem.2018.015


Xie Sijie

Corresponding Author

Xie Sijie


As the guiding ideology of economic law practice, the value orientation of economic law plays a normative and restrictive role in social and economic activities. The value of economic law can be diversified, and the law of state intervention in the economy should be aimed at maintaining the overall benefit of the society. At the same time, the pursuit of social benefits is based on social equity. The development of any society should have an overall goal of pursuit of value. In the process of building a socialist market economic system, the society must also require the establishment of a value system adapting to the value orientation of the market economy. Therefore, it is necessary to build a value-oriented target system with fairness, efficiency, and individual, collective and national interests, and realize free and comprehensive development of people.


Market economy system, Economic law, Value orientation.