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Research on the Relevance of Agricultural Informatization, Support Funds for Agriculture, and Economic Development in Agricultural Regions

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DOI: 10.25236/busem.2018.012


Zhang Li

Corresponding Author

Zhang Li


Nowadays, in the process of agricultural economic development in our country, agricultural information has become a distinctive symbol of modern agriculture and an important part of the national economy and social information. The implementation of the "Internet + Modern Agriculture" action plan has provided a powerful impetus for the realization of agricultural informatization in China, and has focused on the promotion of informationization and modernization of agriculture, which has a significant impact and far-reaching significance on the transformation of traditional agricultural development and the improvement of rural material living standards. In view of this, this paper focuses on the basic connotation of agricultural informatization-related issues, and provides a systematic overview of the positive effects of supporting agriculture funds and the modern information agriculture in the process of farmers' agricultural regional economic development, improves the overall requirements and basic ideas for the construction and development of agricultural informatization, and provides advice and suggestions for the construction of agricultural informatization.


Agricultural informatization, Funds for supporting agriculture, Regional economy.