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Investigation on Natural and Social Economic Situations and Pollution Status of Dianchi Lake Basin

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DOI: 10.25236/busem.2018.006


Tiyuan Xia, Song Jin, Zuoxin Tang, Yuan Su, Zebin Chen

Corresponding Author

Zebin Chen


In the past 30 years, comprehensive treatment measures were used to control the pollution of Dianchi Lake basin. After the normal and abnormal periods, now the new normal period is coming, since the situations of agricultural production and agricultural non-point source pollution in Dianchi Lake basin have changed. How to prevent and control non-point source pollution better under the background of new normal has become a hot research issue. Based on statistical yearbooks of Kunming and field survey data from county areas, the research group carries out this study through conference discussion, data collection, field survey, data arrangement as well as data analysis and induction. Combined with the practice of pollution governance, the natural and social economic situations, as well as the pollution status of Dianchi Lake basin are analyzed. The aim of this paper is to provide a scientific basis for ecological restoration projects and land usage adjustment of this area, and provide theoretical support for the sustainable development of modern Kunming and the pollution control of Dianchi Lake basin.


Dianchi Lake basin, Nature, Social economy, Pollution, Investigation.