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Host-guest Interaction: A Study Based on Cognitions and Attitudes of Residents in Ethnic Tourism Regions on Tourism Impacts

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DOI: 10.25236/busem.2018.004


Yan Zeng

Corresponding Author

Yan Zeng


Through the investigation of ethnic tourism destinations in Yunnan and the application of SPSS11.5 software, this paper analyzes the cognitions and attitudes of local residents on the impacts of tourism, and describes the communication and interaction among residents, tourists and ethic tourism development. The results show that local residents are more willing to accept the positive impacts of tourism; the effects of host-guest interaction vary by residents' characteristics. According to the differences in interaction effects, residents can be divided into four types: indifferent residents, rational supporters, optimistic supporters and blind supporters.


Ethnic tourism destination, Residents, Cognition, Attitude, Difference.