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The Realistic Dilemma and Path Choice of Cultural and Creative Development on College Campus

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DOI: 10.25236/lccie.2024.004


Weizhi Yang

Corresponding Author

Weizhi Yang


Campus cultural and creative products are not only an important carrier of campus culture and image communication, but also carry out the connotation of campus culture communication with other universities and cities. A small number of well-known colleges and universities can bring their own Intellectual Property (IP) because of their popularity. As for ordinary schools how to enhance the "cultural output" and commercialization by virtue of their own cultural and creative products is an urgent problem. The successful practice of commercialization of the Forbidden City IP can provide useful reference. The study innovatively puts forward the idea of "new cultural creation" to empower traditional cultural creation, focusing on the core of cultural and creative IP construction, improving the cycle of cultural creation product chain to stimulate the endogenous power.It is a good choice of path to promote the development of cultural creation in colleges and universities by relying on regional cultural industries, with strong basic support from schools and support from the government to promote the regionalization of campus linkage.


cultural and creative industry; campus cultural and creative; cultural and creative IP; product chain