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Research on CEFR and Application in Business English Assessment

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DOI: 10.25236/lccie.2024.003


Zhanglong Mao

Corresponding Author

Zhanglong Mao


This paper mainly describes the application of CEFR (European common language reference framework) in Business English assessment. This paper introduces the basic framework and construction principles of CEFR, including its language activity description and grading system based on behavior oriented method. This paper expounds the application of CEFR in language teaching, learning and testing, and points out that CEFR has a high degree of overlap and reference value in Business English evaluation. This paper discusses the factors and methods to be considered in the construction of business English evaluation system, including needs analysis and data collection. It points out the application and influence of CEFR in Europe and other regions as a unified reference standard for language competence.


CEFR, Business English, assessment