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Artificial Intelligence based Embodied Narrative Learning Design for E-sports

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DOI: 10.25236/lccie.2024.001


Haiting Cui

Corresponding Author

Haiting Cui


Artificial Intelligence is an extension of "human-like" vitality, which can improve embodied image and narrative experience of the game in virtual world of the program, shape the intelligent characters of multiple forms, improve participation of intelligent body and environment, and even generate state of mind flow. Based on artificial intelligence, this study carries out embodied narrative learning design in five aspects: E-sports narrative story, virtual context creation, intelligent interaction means, embodied cognitive load, and E-sports mind-flow, with a view to providing reference for E-sports future world embodied cognitive of human virtual competitive survival experience and the immersive experience of life.


Artificial Intelligence; E-sports; Embodied Narrative, Mind-Stream Theory