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Research on Ship Fuel Procurement and Regulatory Strategies

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2024.043


Kun Liu

Corresponding Author

Kun Liu


In recent years, fuel prices have been constantly changing with the international situation. For shipping production and operation enterprises, to achieve stable operation and sustainable development, they must be meticulous in budgeting. The ship fuel procurement department should have a clear understanding of the quality, price, specifications, and market reputation of the fuel supply enterprise in actual procurement management work, and strictly control them. Only in this way can we purchase the most cost-effective ship fuel, which can help the long-term development of shipping production and operation enterprises. This article analyzes the management and regulatory strategies for ship fuel procurement, for reference by relevant enterprises and procurement personnel, with the aim of improving the effectiveness of ship fuel procurement management.


Ship fuel; Procurement work; Regulatory strategies